Fundación Soy Oportunidad

Without knowing that my life project would arrive when I was only 18 years old with the arrival of my son Matías, I can say that I have found in “the boat of opportunities” the way to transform the future and the projection of more than 6,000,000 mothers who are heads of household, through a program of psychosocial development and economic productivity called TRIPULANTES. Through our program, we train these women virtually, on topics that allow them to project their future, and work flexible hours or through the creation of their own businesses, so that they can continue to care for their young children from labor inclusion and gender equity. To this end, we work in a cross-cutting manner in strengthening their capacities to improve their livelihoods, we use a comprehensive intervention that encompasses empowerment from the following dimensions; psychosocial training, training for economic empowerment, supporting their training process for employability and entrepreneurship, in order to improve their socio-economic integration in the country in the medium and long term. With this in mind, our work has allowed us to help more than 250 mothers who are heads of households in more than 7 municipalities in the country, supporting their dreams so they can generate a sustainable income. Our management has been recognized by the Organization of American States within the framework of the Young Americas Business Trust, the Latin American Green Awards as one of the 500 most important social organizations in Latin America and the Women Economic Forum Latam, among others. Likewise, our representative has been a fellow of the Yunus&Youth program, and Young Leaders of the America’s Initiative, representing Colombia.





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