Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL)

Guayaquil, Ecuador

ESPOL University is located in Guayaquil – Ecuador. Is the largest public university in Ecuador. It has 8 faculties for undergraduate and graduate studies and ESPAE, its business school. ESPOL has already proven experience in working with social entrepreneurs and good local interaction with the network. ESPOL has i3lab, a centre giving support to entrepreneurs as a way of developing entrepreneurship and innovation. ELANET will offer complementarity with local and international partner institutions/organizations as it will give more visibility to social entrepreneurs and the possibility of having a more extensive network of mentors.

Team Leader

Edgar Izquierdo

Professor ESPAE

Team Members

Adriana Amaya


Andrea Gabriela Samaniego Diaz

PhD. Student

Virginia Lasio

Professor of Organizational Behavior ESPAE

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