Rome, Italy

LUMSA University was founded in Rome in 1939 and it is characterized by its openness to the idea of universal human citizenship. LUMSA is a highly ranked Italian University, with over 7,000 students (10% international) and 500 staff. It offers B.A. and M.A degree programs in law, business administration, economics, education and communication, psychology. LUMSA awards PhD degrees in social policy, law, psychology, education and economics. All training programs, including PhD, are open to international students. LUMSA has signed more than 160 bilateral agreements worldwide (Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa). In 2017, LUMSA has 13 currently running projects funded by the EU, including H2020, COST, and Jean Monnet. It has been awarded by the European Commission with two Excellence Labels: ECTS and DS (Diploma Supplement) Label. LUMSA is the owner of its premises and research facilities. LUMSA promotes and supports basic and interdisciplinary research through the University Centre for Research and Internationalization and the Ethics Committee for Scientific Research whose remit is to evaluate and advice on research proposals submitted by scholars working at LUMSA. LUMSA is a member of the Agency for the Promotion of European Research, part of the EURAXESS network- Researchers in Motion – and Eduroam (Education Roaming). LUMSA is member of the Joint Management Committee for the international large scale assessment study on Civic and Citizenship Education promoted by IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) – ICCS 2022. The previous cycle of the same study, IEA-ICCS 2016, collected information on over 94 thousand students in 24 countries, offering a wide database on topics such as: civic knowledge, use of media for civic engagement, European identity, immigrants’ rights, trust in public institutions, and more. Along the years, LUMSA researchers have led more than 20 research projects on topics related to management, innovation/business models, social entrepreneurship and social impact. LUMSA has been focused on the study of social innovation and social impact for a long time, and it carried out several activities connected to this topic. In 2018 LUMSA has started an incubation programme (LUMSA Digital Hub) aiming at support start-up to increase their opportunities of funding and networking LUMSA will contribute to the Elanet project with its expertise in impact measurement and quality assurance of the project

Team Leader

Laura Micherlini

Associate professor of Management​

Team Members

Cecilia Grieco

Assistant Professor ​in Management at ​Sapienza University of Rome​

Alessandro Giosi

Associate Professor​ in Accounting​

Filippo Giordano

Associate professor of Management​

Gennaro Iasevoli

Vice Rector for Research and Internationalization, ​Full professor of Management​

Costanza Nosi

Associate professor of ​management and marketing​

Anna Minà

Associate professor of Management​

Alberto Morgante

PhD Student

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