Universidad Continental (UC)

Lima, Perú

Universidad Continental is a higher education organization founded in 1998, gathers 30000+ thousand students in 28 undergraduate programs and 10 master programs. Our 5 campuses are located in 4 different cities where we offer students with the most complete digital ecosystem for learning, laboratories, simulators, and sports, artistic and cultural facilities. The focus on our learning model is a collaborative and experiential learning, entrepreneurial mindset with a social impact approach. Our school area Engineering, Health Sciences, Business Sciences, Humanities and Law. Universidad Continental as an HEI will focus on students to motivate the creation of enterprises. For them, is important to increase the connections and good practices with other universities, targeting first the ones that belong to the project but reaching also other universities. Regarding SEs, they will target the social entrepreneurs that are part of their supporting centre and involve also external social entrepreneurs.

Team Leader

Ian Sznak

Transformation experience designer​

Team Members

Patricia Barrios

Strategy & Innovation director​

Matias Ballon

Innovation project designer​

Juan Diego Calisto

Leadership and social innovation director​

Monica Ramos

Project Manager​

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