Universidad de Cuenca (UCUENCA)

Cuenca, Ecuador

Founded in 1867 (153 years), the University of Cuenca is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban setting of the city of Cuenca-Ecuador. It has 12 Faculties and 49 schools in its areas of knowledge and approximately 12,000 students. Mission: The University of Cuenca is a public university, and its mission is to train professionals and scientists committed to improving the quality of life, in the context of interculturality and in harmony with nature. The University bases its academic quality, creativity, and innovation on its capacity to respond to the scientific and human challenges of the time and regional, national and international society equitable, supportive and efficient. The experience of the University of Cuenca is based on its effort to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem with a social vision that encourages the entrepreneurial intention of students. Through this project, the needs of social entrepreneurs will be met by having the support from students, teachers, and the university community, in general. Additionally, under the context of the Elanet Project, areas of improvement will be found. Measures and assessment will be taken to boost social entrepreneurship from university education.

Team Leader

Pedro Fabian Mora Pacheco

Ph. D. Director of Master in Business Administration and Management​

Team Members

Juan Carlos Aguirre Quezada

Ph D. Professor Researcher​

Jorge Campoverde

Dean of the Faculty ​ of Economic and Administrative Sciences​

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