Universidad de Piura (UDEP)

Piura, Peru

The Universidad de Piura, founded in Piura in 1969, is Peru’s foremost university outside Lima, and one of the country’s top ten universities. This recognition stems from its quality of education, research achievements, social responsibility, community engagement, cultural contribution, and demonstrated institutional and academic leadership. We have two campuses. One in Piura that is a Green Campus built on 130 hectares of a dry forest and one in the district of Miraflores in Lima. This is the touristic and cultural heart of the capital. Finally, our School of Management called PAD provides since 1979 professional development programs for entrepreneurs and managers. The principles that guide UDEP are 1. To provide comprehensive professional training and education to our students, so that they can effectively serve the society. The slogan that defines UDEP is “Better people, better professionals”. 2. To promote and disseminate scientific research in all fields. Our main research fields are Sustainable Engineering, Reforestation, Water Resources, Agribusiness, Optimization, Process Automation and Control, Microeconomics, Government of people, among others. 3. To ensure equal opportunities giving access to higher education to every talented person, regardless of its economic possibilities, social origin, race or religion. Our university has different scholarship programs and nearly 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid. 4. To carry out service-learning programs in the areas of teaching and scientific activity. Our University has a Projects Office responsible for the planning and execution of projects related to solidarity and socially responsibility.

Team Leader

Remy Michael Balarezo Nunez


Team Members

Paul Corcuera Garcia

Professor Department of Corporate

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