Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS)

Cochabamba, Bolivia

The Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS) was founded in 1832, it is an autonomous entity, governed by public law. The purposes of the UMSS are: i) To contribute to the creation of a national conscience, based on the knowledge of the reality of dependence, oppression and exploitation of the country, from the perspective of its political, economic, social independence and its self-determination. ii) To train suitable professionals in all areas of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge, who respond to the needs of national and regional development and are endowed with critical awareness. iii) Preserve the cultural heritage of the nation, develop scientific research, proceed with professional humanistic and technical training and fulfil a social mission at the service of the people who sustain it and to whom it is owed. iv) Assimilate, create and develop science and technology, through objective investigation of reality, for its transformation. v) Identify the scientific-cultural work with popular interests, joining them in the struggle for national liberation.

Team Leader

Omar Arce Garcia

Coordinator of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Program UMSS

Team Members

Carlos G. Acevedo Pena

UMSS Technology Transfer and Innovation Program Researcher

Roxana Zambrana

Coordinator of the Directorate of International Relations and Agreements

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