University of National and World Economy (UNWE)

Sofia, Bulgaria

Established in 1920, the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) in Sofia is the largest and oldest higher education institution of its type in Southeastern Europe. With an unequalled track record in Bulgaria, the university is considered a leader in European higher education, playing an integral role in furthering educational standards in business, economics, law, politics, and media studies. With over 20,000 students and 500 lecturers, UNWE is well known for its educational excellence. Under the motto ‘The Spirit Makes the Power’, UNWE strives to form highly educated persons who can lead European society to a better and more humane world. A key instrument for fulfilling this promise has always been UNWE’s partnerships with more than 160 higher education institutions from across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Team Leader

Diana Kopeva

Professor, Department of Economics of Natural Resources, Vice Rector

Team Members

Nikolay Shterev

Professor, Department of Industrial Business, Head of Department

Iliya Kereziev

Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Ani Arutyunyan

PhD student, Department of Political Science

Detelina Dimitrova

Head of Division, Budget, Scholarships and Projects Division

Marina Yotova-Borisova

Administrative secretary, Office of the Vice Rector for Scientific Research Activity

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