Land Source of Income Foundation

Making difference and challenging the statue quo are the key words that can best describe “Land source of income” Foundation as one of the finest European social entrepreneurial organizations nowadays. It aims at creating positive social impact by successfully running sustainable projects like Roma Income Generation and Integration and Equal Chance: Access to High Education. The main goal of the foundation is not just help poor landless Roma families to start earning a decent living through agriculture, but also encourage them to become prosperous small self-employed entrepreneurs who could later on possibly employ others.

What distinguishes “Land source of income” Foundation is the passion and determination with which the team works, as well as the strong relationships it builds with clients. LSoI Foundation provides project participants with working capital, training and continued support from professional agricultural consultants.

The Foundation team believes that society does not need fast temporary solutions, but rather long-lasting ones that have the potential to make a positive life-changing impact on the targeted social segment.


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