Albacora Pesca Artesanal

We are a digital platform in which we connect organizations of handcrafted fishermen with clients who want to consume fresh seafood such as fish and prawns that are 100% handcrafted fishing. Our company stands out for having a positive impact on the economic aspects of fishermen, the conservation of the environment, offering affordable prices to our clients. We will serve as the reception center for products brought from the Pacific and Caribbean coasts; to later transform them into individual portions, vacuum packed and with all the necessary information about the producer and product: use, conservation and recipes, so that final consumers can expand their variety of purchase, acquiring nutritionally balanced products at a fair price; thus contributing to a sustainable value chain with a social component. Our solution consists in generating strategic alliances with organizations or foundations such as NGOs in each country, thus avoiding generating a carbon footprint in exports, the means that ensure the conservation and good practices of fishing, Support artisanal fishermen to that have effective resource management The investment we need to start is 185 million assuming that each of the participants puts 10 million and the rest will be taken out of a loan with the Agrarian bank at a Bank rate of 1.4 and part of that we will try to take out investment in entities such as entrepreneurship funds and government entities. Albacora helps to improve the social problems that the population of bahia solano is having by improving living conditions, helping them to have a higher income which guarantees that they can have access to a technician’s training in any area. This is done through the sale of fish nationally and internationally. Being a company that supports handcrafted fishing techniques, we are supporting the conservation of environments saving the lives of thousands of marine species.




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