Dignity Fellows de la Fundación Colombia Unida por la Dignidad

Dignity Fellows is an international volunteer program focused around building global citizenship. Historically relegated communities in the Caribbean region of Colombia meet volunteers from around the world in spaces of sociocultural exchange with the aim of working towards the social transformation of their communities. This social entrepreneurship allows the mobilization, management, and fair and effective redistribution of human and financial resources needed for the articulated solution of social and environmental problems through sustainable actions within the territories. By actively participating in the solution of these social issues, Dignity Fellows contributes to improving the quality of life and to the dignification of the people that take part in the volunteer program, both community members and volunteers. Through the shared experiences, new citizenship practices, new political subjects and even new friendships are created. It´s a process of co-construction of global citizenship that involves becoming aware of other human beings and the shared sociocultural realities and global policies of an interconnected world. For this reason, the sociocultural volunteer work is articulated with the SDGs in new ways of experiencing citizenship, with a territory and gender focus. Besides having an impact in the social development of vulnerable communities, this is also an international tourism proposal that contributes to the economy of the Caribbean region of Colombia by fostering the industry and boosting other economic sectors that benefit from tourism.

Contact: dignicolombia@gmail.com

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