DRAN DIGITAL (Startup), formed in El Patio, the Laboratory of Creativity and Innovation of the UTB. It was founded with a social objective in strata 1 and 0 of the city of Cartagena.

We as companies and foundations are impacting the most vulnerable neighborhoods from Education, with these two projects:

Virtual Library: consists of bringing a library via Wi-Fi and a local server that we install to areas with difficult Internet access so that through their devices (cell phones) students can obtain quality educational information for the development of their skills. The library is free!

Tehcni Project: It consists of preparing young people from neighborhoods of strata 1 and 0 in web and mobile development skills and employing them and thus separating them from the social risk to which they are exposed in these neighborhoods. (We want to get contracts as public entities or private companies that allow us to further expand the number of impacted children)

We have an Objective: it is to impact and change the mentality of our generation and that is possible only with Education. We want to turn Cartagena into the Silicon Valley of Colombia and we are going to achieve it. We will be able to generate new and emerging knowledge of the most vulnerable neighborhoods. from Cartagena.

Contact: tecnologia@drandigital.com

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