Since 2016 Fundaraiz has been developing several projects in the community of San Basilio de Palenque, a population that has benefited to a greater extent in children and adolescents. We have chosen to offer comprehensive support in the different aspects of being, such as health, education, food, recreation and spirituality. This has allowed us to see the transformation in the lives of many, who were even misnamed or branded as “problem children”; students who, as far as possible, have experienced changes that have also benefited their families, as significant as the scope of academic achievement in the classroom, to the resolution of personal and family conflicts. The accompaniment by the group of volunteer professionals has contributed to improving the quality of life of many of them, finding in the workshops and/or training the tools to improve their educational, learning and know-how processes. The most important thing and that we always emphasize is that they themselves are the architects of change for their lives and that only they have the capacity to do so, we offer to accompany them in the process, being useful to them in overcoming barriers. that do not allow them to achieve that their desires and desires to get ahead, are not held back by an erroneous thought that limits their potential to achieve each goal they set for themselves.


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