La Cuchara Colorá

La Cuchara Colorá is a marketing, pedagogy and gastronomic research project, based on four pillars: Local and seasonal cuisine Use and care of the Tropical Dry Forest, our largest terrestrial ecosystem in the Colombian Caribbean Kitchen waste or discards following the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger Nutrition, probiotics and raw food with ferments We work with companies, institutions, universities in pedagogy, holding workshops for their employees, communities on healthy eating, and social responsibility. We also have a Gastronomic Cultural House in Barranquilla, Colombia, where we develop gastronomic experiences: we hold workshops with local, national and international chefs, tastings and educational dinners to learn about local, seasonal products and to be able to support and publicize entrepreneurs from the city and the region. And a hidden kitchen for catering with local and seasonal products for social and business events and on weekends for the people from the city so that they can try rescue recipes and traditional products.



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