Libros Libres Para Todos

Libros Libres Para Todos and its network of Community Libraries is a voluntary organization conformed by women heroines who have decided to contribute to their country, without excuses or limitations, in order to transform their reality and their community’s, through reading, writing and the arts in general, regardless of the low economic resources, not having university degrees or living in small houses, which in the end, became libraries, but not just any libraries, they are libraries that rescue lives from ignorance (SDG 4), which teach how to serve others from what one has and what one knows, where girls and women are taught to respect and their rights are protected (SDG 5), where one can speak out loud and say what is thinking, where knowledge is sown that proposes actions to reduce poverty belts (SDG 1), they are spaces to promote peace and good coexistence among all, spaces that serve to write a new history of the country, from social actions that change realities (SDG 16). These libraries are located in La Guajira, Antioquia, Amazonas, Magdalena, Atlántico, Bolívar, and Sucre, in vulnerable rural, urban, insular, ethnic, and stilt-house areas. A


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