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MYSKY: A taste of rural tradition

Acción Cultural Popular (ACPO) was born in Sutatenza, department of Boyacá, Colombia. The first inhabitants of Sutatenza were the Chibchas. For them, Misky was the seed, the birth, the growth of plants, and the emergence of farming. Today Misky is the seed of opportunities for vulnerable communities through entrepreneurship with a social sense based on coffee.
Colombia has a coffee culture not only reflected in its sale, consumption, and cultivation but its know-how preservation and transmission from generation to generation. Misky is a Colombian countryside representation of Colombian peasants’ birth, growth, and prosperity.
Mysky, a taste of rural tradition, is a coffee brand from the Tenza Valley of Boyacá, Colombia. It is produced by ACPO, a Colombian organization founded in 1947, committed to strengthening peasant communities’ leadership and countryside development. With Radio Sutatenza, a world-renowned rural education radio program ACPO successfully educated Colombian peasants for decades.
Radio Sutatenza’s legacy is transformed into Escuelas Digitales Campesinas (EDC), ACPO’s actual main program. EDC is an educational platform for rural communities that merges diverse communication technologies to ensure peasants’ full social and economic inclusion in the country. Misky and its flavors contribute to expanding ACPO’s missional work by financing the Escuelas Digitales Campesinas program that benefits Colombian and Latin American peasants.
Acción Cultural Popular strives to link Colombia’s and the world’s ties to peasant leadership education opportunities. Through Mysky, ACPO emphasizes the countryside’s taste, the roots of the territory, and recognition of peasant efforts as leaders and change agents of their regions.





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