“Parque Monarca” is an innovative and environmentally-conscious entrepreneurship venture focused on the fascinating world of insects, particularly butterflies and their caterpillars. Located in Colombia, this unique theme park blends conservation, research, and education to provide engaging, interactive experiences for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The entrepreneurial spirit of Parque Monarca is evident in its creative approach to learning about arthropods, offering immersive experiences across five distinct zones within the park. The team at Parque Monarca actively forms strategic partnerships with universities and research institutions to further their mission, staying on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge and conservation techniques. As a certified green business, Parque Monarca strives to operate sustainably and responsibly, while constantly seeking new ways to expand and improve its educational programs, research projects, and visitor experiences. This entrepreneurial project is a shining example of how passion, innovation, and commitment to the environment can come together to create a unique, thriving, and impactful venture.

Contact: Simondusa12@gmail.com

Instagram: @parquemonarca

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