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Proyecto Ilusión Colombia

Colombia Needs to Find Languages ​​That Bring Us Closer. Tools that Help Us collect, listen and access the other. We Need to Build a Collective Memory That Allows US To Laugh, Reconcile and Heal Our History; Awaken Creativity to compose proposal for Country that includes us all. Re-Invent Ourselves as to Nation. Give Broader and Hopeful Perspectives to Our Children and Young People.
The Purpose is to reduce violence and empower Those People from vulnerable communities. A Project to Help Eradicate The Structural Causes of Poverty. Inspire Lives, and Change Mistoken Cultural Paradigms for the Social Transformation of the Regions.
The Project proposals an artistic itinerancy Together with through the proposal that includes clown, circus, music, and classical dance this Through Areas of Marked Abandment. A Record That Projects in Audiovisual Shorts The Stories of That Profound Colombia to Share On Networks and in Spaces for Reflection.
The Objective is to generate channels of communication to be constructive and transformative dialogue through art (clown theater and circus) with Children and Young People from Communities in Conditions of Vulnerability, Abandonment, and Difficult Access in Colombia to Offer Alternatives for Reconciliation and Expression of ES Desire for Country.
NKLUSLIFE is created with the idea that social responsability can boost profitability when key strategies are promoted.



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