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Borghi Artistici srl Impresa Sociale

Borghi Artistici srl was founded in 2014 to carry out social services to enhance education and training, cultural heritage, social planning, and promote and implement social inclusion activities aimed at all citizens.

Some of the aims of Borghi Artistici are to:
• produce events and organize specialized and non-specialized reviews in the fields of art, cinema, music, sport and entertainment in general;
• Manage exhibitions and shows, as well as arts and technical laboratories to create professional figures related to the corporate purpose;
• manage seminars and projects related to European Programming, including the management of internships, workshops, exhibitions, installations and performances;
• develop research and in-depth study activities;
• carry out territorial animation and awareness through activities focused on the corporate purpose;
• develop models of learning, promotion and development of rural areas, respecting diversity and common goods;
• organize activities for territorial promotion purposes;
• build innovative forms and learning models to enhance and promote the territory and sustainable local development;
• carry out consultancy activities in favor of individuals and public administrations on the issues involved in their activities and, in general, on issues related to the enhancement and socio-economic revitalization of the villages.


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