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CasaOz Association was founded in 2005 by a group of people from Turin who decided to assist families with sick or disabled children. It is a home that welcomes children and families as long as needed and offers concrete support which helps to create an everyday life that cares.  At CasaOz every child can play, learn, do homework with the support of professional educators and volunteers. 

In the story The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum describes the journey that Dorothy makes through unknown lands and colors, encountering animals and mysterious characters. This journey is, for the association, a metaphor for the disease in which the most varied and contrasting feelings alternate. Disorientation begins with the diagnosis, so it is important to help families to build their resilience to find a new daily life and face the future in a more positive way. 

One of the projects carried out by CasaOz is MagazziniOz, a place in the center of Turin with a restaurant, café and emporium with high-end products and many original ideas. Activities are funded thanks to MagazziniOz’s revenues. Also, MagazziniOz are committed to providing training and work placements to people who start off with a disadvantage. 


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