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Castelvecchio Service

Castelvecchio Service was born in may 2001 as a type A and B social cooperative. It mainly operates in Fabriano, in the Marche region.  The aim of the cooperative is to take care of the community by creating and implementing social welfare, health care, promotional and protection services, to help the disadvantaged integrate both socially and in a place of work.

The cooperative is engaged is multiple projects such as: Laboratorio10, Forno10, Ci vediamo Lunedì, Preintegra, Scusa non parlo italiano, Fragibilità: Lab10 Summer whose mission is to implement practical skills and interpersonal skills, useful for social integration and Fragibilità: Methodological Innovation Group on Autistic Spectrum Disorders and in social transport. Another active project is Lab-10 CareGiver which is a path of support to the families of the children of the laboratory10 and is financed by the 8 per mille funds of the Waldensian church.  Recently, after the emergence of Covid-19, Home-Applica was launched to buffer the difficulties brought about by the virus emergency. The initiative is projected towards the future and the intent is to make it a virtual meeting place where one can find ideas, suggestions, stories, which can help maintain an educational relationship with all the participants of the center even from home. 


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