Inspiring cases


Cidiesse has been assembling electrical panels for several automation sectors since 1989. The activity serves customers by finding technical solutions suitable for the automation of machines and systems, making use of their experience and know-how. 

The cooperative has always been active in the field of job placement of disadvantaged people. Over the years it has acquired specific know-how, first in the field of former drug addicts and then, in 2010 started launching projects concerning minors who are subject to judicial measures. Cidiesse believes that the only way to achieve a steady increase in employment for disadvantaged people is to boost its production activity. So far, the cooperation has hired more than 200 people. Furthermore, thanks to laboratories and the help of the network of services in the Milan area with which Cidiesse works closely, 9 out of 10 young people are reintegrated into normal work contexts and into society. 


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