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CleaNap is a community-based reaction to the waste management crisis that took place in Naples in 2011. The aim is to raise socially useful performance proposals and create actions, projects and campaigns empowering people. It started off with smart-mobs to achieve “PIAZZA PULITA” (literally, “clean squares”) in a full waste emergency. The respect for the common good is fundamental and is expressed in the concepts of participation and resilience.  

Today, by launching socially useful projects i.e.: web meetings, bike sharing, “Before I die”, “Acquamat”, and ideas like urban Guerrillas, CleaNap deals with sustainability and social innovation. 

CleaNap has now been active for more than ten years, the ten-year mark being reached last June, and deals with sustainability and social innovation: mobilization and community empowerment are at the core of all the programs and actions. 


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