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Comunità Giovanile Lavoro

Comunità Giovanile Lavoro is a social cooperative founded in the mid-90s to offer socio-work integration to people from the weaker sections of the population and in situations of social hardship, bringing them into contact with the professionally structured world of work.

Established by the will of Sister Graziella Avetta, to create a working reality that would support the Housing Community for minors already operating in the Novara area and especially in the Sant’Agabio district of Novara, the cooperative intervened from the beginning to meet employment needs. of the children of the Community for minors who left school and training courses. From the earliest stages of its constitution it has therefore become a stable source of economic income for some parents of the children of the community as well as for some subjects in the neighborhood who were in situations of employment and economic difficulty.

Since its foundation there are many workers, disadvantaged and not, who have passed through the ranks of the Cooperative, satisfying the employment and income needs of those who turned to Sister Graziella.


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