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ControVento Srl was founded in 1898 to give shelter to abandoned minors, minors from families in difficulty or those living in situations of hardship. The offer has gradually expanded to respond to the needs of modern society.

With the opening of the Pious Institute of the Sons of Providence a new idea grow and soon afterwards the National Association for the Defense of Abandoned Childhood (Associazione Nazionale per la Difesa della Fanciullezza Abbandonata) was born. At the beginning of the new millennium the Childhood Onlus gave life to “Comunità” which is a service organized together with the Municipality of Milan to respond to the need for child protection in emergency cases. The “Comunità” are houses for minors where children can live in a family like environment.

Over the years the Childhood Onlus has adapted to the changes required by society where services have to be in line with the needs of children as part of the paths shared with the social services and need to be up to the expectations of families who intend to independently contact “La Fanciullezza”.

In 2021, the Association “La Fanciullezza” changed its corporate status, passing from an Association to a Foundation.
Finally, in 2022, the Foundation created the “ControVento” social enterprise.


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