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Fattorie Solidali

Fattorie Solidali was born in 2007 as a spin-off of the agricultural sector of the historic Alicenova Social Cooperative. The cooperative manages avant-guarde productions, such as those of social agriculture and sustainable tourism and personal services.

In the organic Solidarity Farms  (the “La fattoria di Alice” in Viterbo, they “Ortostorto Social Farm” in Montalto di Castro and the “Crocevia Farm” in Nepi) agricultural activities are a way of promoting the active inclusion of people with disabilities, mental illness and pathological addictions. They also provide teaching activities and workshops for schools of all levels. The farms grow and produce organic fruit and vegetables (certified BIOAGRICERT) which are sold both through the company store and through other market channels. 

The cooperative’s social structure is made up of young people and mainly people belonging to weaker sections of the population. To achieve the social purpose, the local community participates in an important initiative of solidarity economy by promoting and purchasing the cooperative’s products.



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