Inspiring cases


Gineprouno was born in 1995 on the wave of problems related to the reintegration of children who were finishing the recovery program in the Gineprodue therapeutic community in Scalenghe. Even though the cooperative has contacts with the prison, the Ser.T. of the Province of Turin, the Departments of Psychiatry and some voluntary associations, the main reintegration channels remain all the communities of Piedmont.

Over the years, the cooperative has developed services in various sectors:

• Transport: urgent and dedicated services provided throughout the national territory and in Europe with qualified and capable personnel.

• Logistics: Gineprouno manages the loading / unloading and sorting platform inside the Mirafiori plant of Fiat Auto S.p.A. The cooperative also takes care of the management of pharmacies, economics and the laundry service within a hospital.

• Car washing: Gineprouno is employed by some dealerships in Turin, for which it carries out all the operations prior to the delivery and sale to customers. 

• Construction: works have been carried out, for example, for the Municipality of Turin and for that of Pinerolo, for Juventus F.C. S.p.A. and so on. 

• Maintenance of green areas.

• Management of the internal parking of the Chivasso hospital.

• Concierge service;

• Bar service inside the Chivasso hospital.



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