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Hummustown is a social cooperative launched in March 2018 located in Rome. The initiative was born from compassion, created to bring Syrian food and culture to Rome, and to help those whose lives have been disrupted. 

The team today is made of 13 partners of which 8 are refugees. The remaining partners are Shaza, the co-founder and other members who have grown to be part of Hummustown family.

The mission is:

– To sustain and help refugees. At the moment they are sustaining Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians and also Italians, without closing doors to no-one. Both financial and psychological support are provided to the team. Italian classes and medical assistance are provided, also by taking them to doctors and helping them put together their paper work.

– To ensure stability to those in need;

– To help people become autonomous and self-fulfilled through work;

– To provide full integration. 

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