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Polygonal was founded in Cori in 2017 by a dynamic group of educators, developers, designers, activists, and culture enthusiasts. The name Polygonal refers to the polygonal walls of Cori. It focuses on open data, digital education and social activism for social empowerment. The aim is to combat exclusion at a local level, enabling everyone to use technology in order to drive social change.

The association manages local youth information to provide guidance and support to a transversal audience. It deals with free digital training: coding for children, digital literacy for adults and seniors, and development of digital educational games. Free courses on fundraising, association management, digital skills, social media and marketing are provided on the online platform.

At the moment Polygonal is made up of thirty people who work in various fields such as education, European design, IT, architecture, graphics and photography, literature and humanities, philosophy, jurisprudence and law, engineering, and much more.


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