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Cooperativa Ruah

Ruah Cooperative was founded in January 2009 as a mixed type A and type B cooperative. The newly born cooperative, together with Caritas Diocesana Bergamasca, continued the activities of the Associazione Immigrati Ruah Onlus founded in 1991. The commitment was to respond to the migratory emergency on the territory of Bergamo. Ruah cooperative promotes the social integration of both Italian and foreign citizens, offering reception services and job placements to disadvantaged people. It also raises social awareness regarding recycling, resource optimization and critical consumption. The cooperative supports collaborations between public, private and third sector bodies. Ruah Cooperative is registered in the National Register of Cooperative Societies, in the Lombardy Regional Register of Cooperative Societies Sections A and B, in the first section of the Register of Associations operating in the field of migration and in the UNAR Register of associations that carry out activities in the field of the fight against discrimination.


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