Ayni Educativo

“Ayni Educativo” is an educational social project that contributes with the formation of children and teenagers, providing free virtual classes, following the curriculum of the Peruvian Ministry of Education, reinforcement activities and workshops. We promote the development of their capacities, abilities, skills, and values using IT tools.
The project started due to COVID-19 pandemic in the view of the fact that the government decided to establish the emergency status that closed much of the schools. With some volunteers we started to bring classes to the kids that didn’t have the opportunity to keep on their studies.
We’ve been working for more than a year and now we have the support of 553 volunteers between academic and administrative, currently teaching more than 5000 students from Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and mostly Peru.
During the year we offer courses, scholarships and some benefits for our volunteers that we received from our allies like universities that bring extra-credits and discounts; furthermore, the kids that receive classes have a few benefits like discounts in activities, workshops, health lessons and training to apply to universities from all around the world.
In our country schools are still not open so we will keep on working in the same way, but we are planning to maintain virtual classes even with schools open, to provide better opportunities to the children from the country.

Contact: briguitreinaldo@aynieducativo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aynieducativoperu

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aynieducativo/

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