Gap analysis study

A survey for social entrepreneurs and members of universities

Currently, as part of our Working Package 1, we are conducting a cross-national study regarding the needs and challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and the role of universities to support them. We welcome the input of Social Entrepreneurs and members of the university communities (students, faculty and staff) to be part of this study.

This study concerns the core countries of ELANET:
In Europe: Belgium, Austria, Italy and Bulgaria
In Latin America: Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador

Survey for Social Entrepreneurs

If you are currently involved in any entrepreneurial activity that (1) has a purpose of making contributions to your community, society or environment; or, (2) faces a situation of social and economic vulnerability, you can consider yourself a social entrepreneur for this study. Please use one of the following questionnaires:
In English
In Spanish
In Italian
In Bulgarian

Survey for University members

If you are currently a member of a university (student, faculty or staff) please use one of the following questionnaires:
In English
In Spanish

Questions about this study?

This survey will take about 20 minutes. We would like to sincerely thank you for your time and effort to answer the following questions. Your responses will be treated with strict confidentiality as they will be considered in aggregated terms so that each respondent cannot be individually identified, ensuring your anonymity. Please answer each item as honest as possible. Results will be used only for research purposes by the ELANET partners.    

For more information related to this study, you can contact the leaders of Working Package 1, Prof. dr. Edgar Izquierdo (, Prof. Dr. Adriana Amaya ( or Andrea Samaniego (

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