Fundación Universidad del Norte (UNINORTE)

Barranquilla, Colombia

Fundación Universidad del Norte is a private, non-profit, Higher Education Institution founded in 1966 in the Colombian Caribbean. Uninorte provides a unique learning environment in a modern and intercultural campus, with high quality accredited programs. Uninorte was the fourth one in Colombia to receive the High Quality Accreditation by the Ministry of Education in 2003 and was renewed in 2018 for 8 years. We are a comprehensive university that encourages scholarly research and creativity among over 16,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate level. Uninorte has a clear commitment to excellence in educating its students and in the creation of knowledge, its high impact on development, at the regional and national level and in constant dialogue with the global society in the search for a better future. Our Academic Divisions are: 1. School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, 2. College of Basic Sciences, 3. College of Health Sciences, 4. College of Law, Political Science and International Relations, 5. Institute of Education, 6. School of Business, 7. College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 8. College of Engineering, 9. Music, 10. Language Institute Uninorte experience with Social Entrepreneurship is around different programs, projects and areas: Such as: 1. The Univoluntarios Program mission is to promote the development of the sensitivity and social responsibility of the student and professional in the field of higher education, through solidarity and cooperation of the university community in actions aimed at improving the quality of life and welfare of the social environment. Univoluntarios, tends towards the development of an effective and flexible social platform, capable of responding effectively to the social demands of the Colombian Caribbean Region. 2. Uninorte’s initiative to support the sustainable development of the municipalities of the department of Atlántico- Colombia, whose objectives revolve around boosting the local capacities of the communities through support processes of joint learning and sense of community; support in the construction of social tissue, both in the territorial community and in the Universidad del Norte in favour of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals; and promote the active participation of the various social groups in the consolidation of new and better opportunities for communities to establish mechanisms to overcome poverty. 3. From 2012 Uninorte created the Design for social innovation of the Caribbean Exploratory Lab (DISCA LAB) as part of the Design for social innovation and sustainability (DESIS) present in more than 40 different cities of the world, with the idea to articulate design research tools with social intervention practices. 4. The Entrepreneurship Center is based on two main objectives: the first is related to developing the entrepreneurial spirit of our students and graduates, and therefore contributing to the strengthening of the entrepreneurial culture on our campus. The second objective, seeks to train and accompany entrepreneurial leaders in the creation of value and new ventures in order to solve problems in different communities and regions; managing to benefit them not only from the economic field but also social and environmental. Uninorte will work all tasks assigned through the different working packages. Nevertheless, Uninorte will work very closely with VUB (and its team) with the “Management” working package of the project more specifically, thus Uninorte will support monitoring the progress of the tasks, deliverables, and commitments of all partners. The majority of local activities will be executed in Latin America, therefore, for their implementation, VUB will be assisted, in the first instance, by UNINORTE and then by the Management Committee members, proposed at the beginning of the project. The coordinator VUB will be assisted by UNINORTE during all the project and its administration.

Team Leader

Jeannie Caicedo

Director – International Cooperation and Development Office

Team Members

Edgar David Rincon Quijano

Assistant professor – ​ Design Department – College of Architecture, Urbanism and Design ​

Lucia Avendano Gelves

Coordinator – Uninorte Social​

Maria Amaris

Univoluntarios Program Director​

Pedro M. Wightman

Associate Professor – Dpt. Systems Engineering​

Vanessa Garcia

Coordinator of International Projects – International Cooperation and Development Office

Yesica Morales

Social Transformation Coordinator- Univoluntarios Program ​

Yuliana Gomez

Training Coordinator – Univoluntarios Program​

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