ANSES, or the African Network for Social Entrepreneurship Scholars, was established in 2017 to bring together scholars focused on social entrepreneurship in Africa. The organization recognized the growing interest in researching this field but also the challenge of connecting scholars and their work. ANSES has since grown to include 185 members from 30 countries, with the support of VLIR-UOS, a funding organization.

ANSES aims to address the fragmented nature of social entrepreneurship research in Africa. Scholars often work in isolation, with limited awareness of international research conversations and fewer academic training and funding opportunities compared to other regions. The network’s goal is to create a platform for African social entrepreneurship scholars to connect, collaborate, and engage in international discussions. ANSES believes that this will lead to a stronger and more connected social entrepreneurship community in Africa, ultimately resulting in more impactful and coordinated research efforts.

ANSES offers its members several advantages, including the opportunity to establish academic linkages and collaborations, participate in research workshops and academic training, attend international conferences, and access research funding. The network primarily targets academics, including faculty, researchers, post-docs, and PhD students working in the field of social entrepreneurship in Africa. It also welcomes scholars from related disciplines, recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of social entrepreneurship. Currently, non-academic members are not within their envisioned membership scope.


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