Aborigenes Diseno Artesanal

Aborigenes Diseño Artesanal SAS, is a company that rescues the ancestral crafts of the Atlantic, and has found in the shell of the totumo, the ideal raw material for the elaboration of handmade natural jewellery, which it commercialises through artisan fairs and exports, reaching countries like Austria, France, Germany, the United States and others. In the manufacture of jewellery, the environment is not destroyed, the rind of its fruit is used to turn it into beautiful jewelry under ancient techniques of the Mokaná culture, avoiding the use of aggressive chemicals with water for its transformation and with ecological packaging that completes the green product cycle. Aborigenes Artesanal Design has understood this important element, looking for a product that responds to this need to beautify and highlight feminine features, but doing so in a sustainable way, with reusable and environmentally friendly products. Our proposal is based on highlighting the beauty of women with fashion accessories in natural fiber, made by hand with the fruit of the totumo tree (jícara, mate, guaje, guijo) through the following values: • Handicrafts developed with totumo are made with environmentally friendly practices, which are in accordance with the Green Market and biotrade criteria. • Promote the use of the tree’s fruit, avoiding the manual or chemical eradication it faces because the main threat to the species is that the trees are eliminated from the pastures, because they are not appreciated as an important resource by part of the owners of the farms, this in certain places can become a local threat. • Promote the cultivation of totumo in Magangué, given that it benefits the production of pastures in open areas, allowing an increase in the nutrient cycle, the improvement of soils and bovine feeding.

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