The agricultural companies La Orquia Zomac S: A: S, is a green business, for its organic product is based on the fruit and enough of the musaceous (bananans), which takes advantage of the matter the fruit that is not exported and plant material of the Racimo, to process it as the basis of organic fertilizer, with this process it is prevented that the waste of banana agribusiness will be poured into pipes, rivers, or places not suitable for them.

La empresas Agricola la Orquia Zomac S:A:S, es un negocio verde, por su producto organico tiene como base el fruta y bastagos de la musacesas (bananos), el cual aprovecha la materia el fruto que no se exporta y material vegetal del racimo, para procesarlo como base del abono organico, con este proceso se evita que los residuos de la agroindustria bananera se viertan en en caños, rios, o lugares no aptos para ellos.


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