ASOCONAMOR” is an association formed in 2017 by five artisan women and heads of family from the municipality of Malambo (Atlántico, Colombia), who make and market home handcrafted products, with the aim of raising their income levels and quality of life , allowing them to recognize themselves as subjects of rights and have a positive impact on their family and their community, from a feminine, inclusive and support perspective. In its beginnings, this social enterprise pop up from “Colchas de amor”, a project of awareness, training and female empowerment, aimed at women between 20 and 60 years of age in a situation of high socioeconomic vulnerability in Malambo, led by the Acesco Foundation, in which summons the participants in spaces close to their homes, under the pretext of making a handcrafted blankets. This with the fundamental objective of having a meeting point to discuss in a group, readings that address topics of high interest to women and their community.





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