CCHARUM is a company run by young people from the fifth generation of Caquetá paneleros, which unites young people from different municipalities to provide them with job opportunities, giving them opportunities to learn without leaving work and without leaving the field.

Our business unit is aware of the deterioration of nature due to man, which is why it decides to deliver products in biodegradable packaging that does not generate a great environmental impact and helps reduce waste production, save energy in the lighting system and have a team Sensitized with the environment, in order to contribute a grain of sand to the conservation of our wonderful mother earth, for this reason we contribute with the following factors:

• Reduce rural unemployment in the panela industry
• Increase marketing in the market.
• Reduce the consumption of wood as additional fuel.
• Reduce poverty levels of the rural population
• Increase income opportunities for the rural sector.
• Avoid deforestation and loss of biodiversity.


Instagram: _ccharum_

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