Center for integral education for development and social transformation
“For nobody is a secret that one of the biggest problems in the world is poverty and something we also know is that many times this is manifested, mainly, by the way of thinking, it can be said that in populations in condition of social vulnerability is presented through conformism, frustration and loss of hope for an encouraging future. With respect to the above, what we want is to begin to eradicate this situation, through comprehensive education with the child and adolescent population of the municipality of Malambo, promoting and encouraging the importance of training the individual in all its dimensions, from academic, emotional, spiritual, psychological to enhance the talents and skills that each human being possesses regardless of their condition.
Taking into account the current situation generated by the pandemic declared in 2020, this project would allow around 190 children to recover many of the moments of socialization and recreation that they lived in their schools. The aim is that, through comprehensive education, children and mothers will be able to enhance their capabilities, build a solid self-esteem, empower themselves with knowledge and find in it an alternative for change that will contribute to improve their living conditions. To form in them a social conscience open to opportunities and, likewise, to make them agents of change for society, people who emerge and find in their needs an opportunity.
Likewise, we seek to open opportunities for approximately 60 mothers, through job skills training, so that they can provide better living conditions for their families”.

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