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CoimpactoB SAS BIC

We are a consultancy and accelerator company whose purpose is to promote and connect organizations with conscious transformation processes, based on innovation and sustainable development, between Australia and Colombia. At CoimpactoB we create and integrate sustainable solutions through collaborative and investment models for organizations and communities that seek to grow and expand their businesses, developing economic, social, and environmental impacts. Our work is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals.
We have 3 lines of work to aim our purpose for consciously connecting for sustainable development :
• Sustainability consulting: We advise companies on economic, social and environmental practices so that they align with the objectives and strategies of their companies focusing in impact measurement and investment
• Aprende SOStenible: workshops and short courses for organizations, businesses and individuals on sustainability and triple bottom business issues.
• Acceleration: incubation and acceleration of triple impact projects and green businesses in remote regions of Colombia.
Some of our impact :
• Created 15 innovation and sustainability projects in Colombia and Australia
• 1,300 indigenous people benefited from safe water and solar lamps , 200 students in entrepreneurship education processes.
• Facilitated a Bilingualism program for 70 students
• More than 15 fundraising events and activities in Australia and Colombia
• Design of a triple impact entrepreneurship acceleration program for indigenous youth and leaders with the participation of 25 ventures, 60 mentors,10 companies with $2,000 in seed capital.
• Design of a community microcredit model to inclusive finance for indigenous and management of the revolving fund with 10000 US as the first investment for our allies in Holland and Australiae are a constituted entity of women of legal age of the neighborhoods located in the south west of Barranquilla. We are made up of three groups, Modachí (Barrio La Chinita), Meluz (Barrio La Luz) and Paseluz (Barrio Rebolo). We sell products for the home, fabrics and bakery having a use and production of our friendly articles to the environment.



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