Construyendo 500.001

Construyendo has for mision to articulate wills and solutions that protect life through the use of technology and entrepreneurship with a focus on the most vulnerable in Latin America, because of this inspire of the natives in Colombia we created a network of the best leaders in Colombia in several areas entrepreneurship, technology, business, actors, social that has helped 5 projects and 1 foundation in scalate them in order to increase their social and environmental impact. The model is based in the idea of combine entrepreneurship, technology, impact investment and be scalate by the comunnity because if we get together without any more interest of helping other we could solve together any human problem, thats why this project is inspiring but also philanthropist. So far from zero this project has helped this startups with these results: @eatcloud – 25m USD saved money for the food ecosystem 23 million plates of Food Delivered for people in vulnerability @arkangel +7123 disease detection using machine learning @agrapp +33 projects financed @amazoniko +32 tons of material recycled and recovered @o2reserve 600 hectares protected including biodiversity 🐆 Jaguar @savingtheamazon +100,000 trees sown and protected with technology and natives






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