Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag is a family startup that produces biodegradable bags. A project that aims to be ecological and sustainable. An idea that arose from the desire to form a startup, taking advantage of the skills and abilities of its working group. The mother, Maria Emilze Zarate, a connoisseur of the art of sewing; and the three children, Julian Martin – creator of the idea -, Milena Martin – and Alejandro Martin; are the ones who carry out this passion. Duffel Bag focuses on two main aspects: the first one, the use of its fabric -100% raw cotton, either Sheeting cotton, mother jungle, coastal canvas or jute- are biodegradable materials, which take approximately one year to decompose in the earth. A commitment that was taken very seriously with the environment and with its own customers.

Contact: duffel2bag@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duffelbagco/

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