Ecosistema Jaguar

Based on the experience of the founders both in the innovation ecosystem and in agriculture, Ecosistema Jaguar takes advantage of its ecosystem of relationships and its knowledge to positively impact agriculture in the country. It arose as a design study for social innovation from the Dessis Laboratory in which Andrés Vergara, founder, participated in mediation processes and design of services and products with students and communities. It began by developing tailor-made products and services for governments and private companies and eventually transformed to create these types of projects for communities that could not pay for them. Among its founders and teams it has designers who have been in charge of communicating not only the traditional vision of design but also its social power. Agricultural communities, interested in private business and the state. The role of communities is part of the business model that they commercialize with their clients, since in general both products and services are co-created from their design to their deployment. There are economic, operational and social return indicators for the projects in which Ecosistema Jaguar participates, contextualized to the projects and their objectives. It has been articulated with private companies and public entities involved in innovation.



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