The school and the youth facing the challenge of peace and social reconciliation.
The project was born in response to the need of a specific community, located at KILOMETER 7 VIA JUAN MINA, in the PINAR DEL RIO neighborhood, a locality in the SOUTH WEST of the city of BARRANQUILLA – COLOMBIA. Most of its inhabitants are made up of people who have been victims of the armed conflict, reinserted, and migrants from neighboring Venezuela, with a precarious economic social condition by nature, children and young people have adopted and modeled negative behaviors that increase school and community violence.
Hence the imperative need to promote a culture of peace and healthy coexistence within the respect and protection of human rights in the search for reconciliation, especially in vulnerable sectors, in the first instance from a local social approach and with a national projection. Youth participation is the proposed path for change and social transformation of the millennial generations, THE YOUTH SUBJECT, represents the hope for the construction of a world full of opportunities and great conquests, given the multiple reasons from the new context faced by the COVID 19, it is necessary that young people visualize themselves as managers of peace, with the commitment of their active participation and proposals that structure positive ideas for the achievement of their dreams and are constituted as the whole of a part for the construction of peace in the country.

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