Fruto Bendito

Fruto Bendito born when my son Gabriel came into my life. I became a new mother without knowing anything about motherhood. Unfortunately, 8 days after having my son, he was hospitalized at Intensive care unit (ICU), all this because I did not know the proper way to feed him. At that point, my husband and I realized that there were many topics about parenting that we were unfamiliar with. I quit my job because I wanted to be a full-time mom and dedicate myself to a personal project. At that time, we decided to adopt a Finland tradition and adapt it to the reality of our country, Colombia. We now deliver corrugated cardboard cribs, printed with organic inks, under an educational program endorsed by a medical scientist. In 2016, Fruto Bendito began operating with our star program “Cunas Con Amor” to protect early childhood through education and the accompaniment of their families.We started by delivering cribs to vulnerable families throughout Colombia under the 1 to 1 modality; this means that we sell a crib to an ecological mother and donate another to a mother in a state of vulnerability. Today we have donated 6,500 cribs in more than twenty municipalities and cities in Colombia. And also, we create a network of social leaders who help us enter the communities, at the same time we create alliances with influential mothers to break the paradigm of inequality. Likewise, through appearances in the media, awards and recognitions we have been able to reach more people in the world who fall in love with this wonderful project.





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