The Arenas Foundation is a non-profit organization that, through the agricultural sector, seeks to improve the quality of life of low-income communities in Colombia, generating employment opportunities in the area of ​​agriculture and commerce.

Creating strategic food distribution points that will benefit consumers and the community and, in turn, the foundation will provide them with food, shelter and, together with theotherapy, renew their lifestyle and can contribute positively to society. This solution will have a positive impact on unemployed and low-income people, thus contributing to vulnerable sectors of Colombian society, especially in the framework of the post-covid-19 pandemic.

The objectives to be achieved with this project are:

● Short-term objectives: Generate a job offer for the community through the needs of the project to start it, taking into account low-income people.

● Medium-term objectives: Generate increases in the sales of the products offered by the project and develop a new product that guarantees the needs of the clients.

● Long-term goals: Establish a community with a better quality of life and trained to serve distribution points


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