Fundación Koinonia is a non-profit entity that has been working with children and young people in vulnerable situations, in the construction of social, artistic, and cultural capacities since 2010, and in recent years we have been impacting a group of around 100 children and adolescents in the community of Lo Amador and Faldas de la Popa.
We stimulate skills, attitudes and habits that favor a balanced comprehensive development at the physical, cognitive, family, playful and spiritual levels, forming environments that articulate educational, recreational, and healthy socio-emotional development.
Our actions promote reconciliation and peace building, fostering relationships with healthy physical contact, conflict resolution, strengthening personal identity and self-esteem, and teamwork.
Some of our projects are:

● Paper Corner (Read & Write)
● Powerful Girls Project (Identity and empowerment of adolescents)
● Peacebuilders (Conflict Resolution)
● Leadership in my community




Blog Spot:

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