Fundación Tenaris TuboCaribe

The TenarisTuboCaribe Foundation was created in 2012 with the aim of strengthening social development ties with the communities near the production center of this company, a supplier of steel tubes and services for the energy industry, specifically those located in the Nelson Mandela neighborhood of Cartagena.

Program: ExtraClase
ExtraClase is a non-formal education program that seeks to develop socioemotional skills in children, improve their long-term academic results and promote greater school attendance.
In August 2015, the program was implemented in Colombia, in the Nelson Mandela neighborhood of Cartagena. It is being developed at the Bernardo Foegen school in partnership with the Madre Elfride Foundation, which also runs a library and community center of the same name.
In 2020, 345 elementary school children are participating in the program, which had a regular attendance of 90% up to March (children attending more than 70% of classes). During the Covid contingency we have 322 and 93% participate in the activities proposed virtually.
The contents for the science activities are provided by: Colombian Academy of Sciences. The program team consists of a coordinator, a sub-coordinator and 10 group leaders, who are supported with different training modules throughout the year.


YouTube: Tenaris TuboCaribe YouTube channel

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