We are a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to sowing hope to build a sustainable world in everything and for everyone. We have a passionate, upright, and expert multidisciplinary team willing to develop sustainable projects through our own sowing, cultivation and harvesting methodology.

We started activities in 2016 with the firm conviction of turning Cartagena de Indias into the greenest city in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030. For this, our work has been to promote the care and conservation of our ecosystems, through the design and execution of projects focused on improving our environment, the quality of life of the inhabitants, community participation, environmental education, restoration and conservation of our biodiversity.

Throughout these almost 5 years, we have achieved important achievements for our city and communities:
● More than 1,000 trees and native ornamental plants planted.
● More than 1,200 people impacted in terms of Environmental Education.
● 35 massive cleanups organized in different ecosystems and spaces.

As a product of the hard work that we have been carrying out these years, we received from Ciclo Siete, an Ibero-American initiative for the sustainability of the company Portafolio Verde, a special recognition as SUSTAINABLE AMBASSADOR, that is, organizations, institutions, or companies that have stood out for his commitment to leading and living various experiences to raise awareness for sustainability.

Currently -maintaining our initial essence- we focus on helping organizations to promote a culture of sustainability in each of their production processes, generating positive transformations to solve social, environmental and economic challenges through innovation and corporate responsibility





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