Colombia holds the highest percentage in the world of children born to single mothers, 84%. Single moms who live in poverty are more than 6.4MM, which represent 12.75% of the Colombian population. Education has been internationally tied to sustainable development since 1987 (United Nations). We aim for single mothers with their kids to feel supported to access & enjoy more the experience at University. We are HACEMOS, Habitat for Monoparental Development and Dreams in Spanish (HAbitat de CrEcimiento MOnoparental & Sueños). In HACEMOS, we design, administer tailored share-housing; and accompany single mothers with their only kids at the University. We offer appropriate spaces for moms and kids; provide housekeeping, help with the settlement process, guidance on house dynamics, etc. This project was inspired and nurtured by our stories inside and outside Colombia, as single mothers pursuing higher studies. We are certain about the power of this solution for academia to capture single mothers’ potential, and for the development, resilience and health of Colombian society. We are looking for innovative, socially responsible, and gender-equal universities to partner with. As well as, visionary real estate investors. Tune with more sustainable, empowering, and emotionally stronger ways of living; tune with HACEMOS!

Contact: p.andrea.barbosa@gmail.com

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